Sauna rounds: how many sauna rounds are optimal?

Sauna rounds

Sauna rounds: 3-4 rounds are optimal

Sauna gives you many good health benefits, but only if you know how to use it properly. If you are just starting out your sauna bathing journey, you probably have more questions than answers. Believe me, when I started going to sauna I had so many questions and so little information available. For this reason I started this blog and I share answers to the most common questions that people have. One of those questions is how many sauna rounds are optimal for your health?

It depends on how many days per week you use sauna. If you go to sauna 1-2 times a week, 3-4 rounds are optimal to get all the good health benefits of sauna baths.  If you go 2-3 times a week you should reduce it to 1-3 rounds. More than 3 times a week – only 1 round is recommended. 

All in all, observe yourself and how you feel. Do not try to push yourself too much. It is not a marathon.

How each round should look like?

  1. Round 1: the first round is for warm up only. Do not stay long. 5-7min. is optimal.
  2. Round 2: the second round is to heat up a little bit more and use a cold shower afterwards.
  3. Round 3: the third round should be the most intense, sweat a lot, finish it with a cold shower.
  4. Round 4: in the final round sweat heavy, stretch your muscles, scrub your skin and finish it with a cold shower.

Note: Take brakes between each round to relax, drink water or tea.

Can I go to sauna twice a day?

When you start feeling that sauna “high” and energy rush, you might become hooked. I would not recommend you using sauna more than once a day. Sauna puts a lot of stress on your organism, so you need some rest to recover. If you go more than one time a day, you increase your chances for dehydration or heat strokes.


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