Sauna hats: why wear a hat in sauna?

Sauna hats

Why Wear a Hat in Sauna?

Last weekend I went to the South of Spain and on my way there I realized that it will be damn hot and I have no hat or a cap. Our common sense always tells us that before going into the sun it is recommended to wear a hat in order to not experience a sunstroke or get overheated, However, we know so little about all the good sides of hats. What are they actually for? How to choose the best hat for myself? How to keep it durable? The topic which interests us now is sauna hats. We see people wearing them in saunas but I always asked myself this kind of questions mentioned above. So here I go explaining them.

A short answer why to wear a sauna hat is this: head is the part of our body which heats up the fastest. Without a hat we might feel dizzy and unwell, be able to stay in the sauna room shorter than it is possible wearing a hat. For this reason going to sauna wearing a hat will better your sauna experience.

I must say that most of the hats look stupid on me. I’m never able to pick one which makes me look good. But when I go to sauna, I am still all sweaty and red like most of the people there. So I guess no one cares too much about the looks there. But the profit a hat gives when worn in sauna is beyond all.

sauna hats
Sauna hats

What are the benefits of sauna hats?

I remember once when I told my friend that it is good to wear a hat in sauna, she laughed and started creating various scenarios why it is necessary. The one which I liked the most was that under the hat you can hide a bottle of tequila and take some sips secretly. However, I explained to her that there is much more to know about sauna hats.

First and foremost feature of a sauna hat is its ability to protect us from the heat. It sounds contradictory that we go to sauna to heat up and we need a hat to protect us from the heat. But this is because our whole body enjoys the heat except the head. You don’t want to boil your brain like a big cauliflower, do you. So in order to not get dizzy or overheated, to not get what you didn’t expect for when going into sauna, put on a hat. Maybe you won’t look cool but you will definitely be happier with it.

Moreover, the head have more capillaries than the rest of the body and once you expose the capillaries to heat which is too big, you might experience some consequences: when the capillaries, exposed to the heat, open up, they might break and a bleeding into the skin start. To avoid this, better wear a hat.

Finally, ladies, this paragraph is especially for you. If you think that a sauna hat might ruin your style, think once again. It is known and experienced by many that hair being in an overheated environment gets excessively dry and brittle. So if you don’t want to spend additional money buying extra oils for the aftercare of your hair, put on a hat which suits your taste.

So in general I have said nothing new – a hat is made for protection. But I hope that now you can imagine better its benefits and realize the dangers of not having it. Continuing about the subject, I would like to talk about some precise stuff – what is the kind of hat you should choose.

sauna hat
sauna hat

What kinds of sauna hats are the best?

Some people are naive and think that if they put on a baseball hat, it will do for them well. Maybe it’s basically men who don’t want to look like grannies who sell milk in the markets. And personally I, as a woman, never used to wear sauna hats because it seemed like something very ancient (they do look old-fashioned). But it was just before I knew all their advantages.

When I started wearing a sauna hat, I asked myself – what kind of material I should pick? Is there a special edition or maybe a simple piece of cloth would suit the matter?

Now I know that felt hats are the best for this purpose. Felt is a great insulator – it keeps the air inside of it in a constant temperature. Most often a felt hat serves us to protect from the cold but it can protect from the heat in the same way.

Wool felt has some other features. Wool itself has the quality to take up moisture in vapor form so it is able to absorb moisture from the air. It can absorb the perspiration into the heart of its fiber and keep a layer of dry air next to the skin. In this way wool is a great temperature regulator and can help the body to cool off.

So no, you cannot wear a baseball hat or put on a simple piece of cloth on your head. The best way to save it from overheating is to wear a wool felt hat made specially for saunas.   

How to preserve a sauna hat?

There is no particular science of how to take care of your sauna hat. Mainly you need to know how to preserve wool. But personally I didn’t always know how to do it. So I am shortly presenting it now.

You can use a mild detergent or a soap suitable for wool. Both ways to wash it by hand and using the washing machine on wool cycle go well. If the hat has any pin accessories, they must be removed before washing. As you finish washing the hat, make sure to shape it or stretch it to its original shape. Also if you wash the hat by hand, rinse it in the water of the same temperature. If your sauna hat needs any special care, it should be marked by a special symbol on it. Otherwise, the way to take care of it is really easy.

I must say that I always like to preserve the things I buy. Though sauna hats are not so expensive, but it won’t be cheap to buy a new hat for each new day in sauna. So usually I try to not ruin mine. Though when you think of it, there are not many ways to ruin it. What you wouldn’t do with the wool, don’t do it with your sauna hat.


My sauna hat now has a special shelf in my closet. When my friends tell me that they don’t have their own sauna hat, I ask them surprised: “But why don’t you buy one?” On the other hand, I used to be on the side of those people who don’t understand the meaning of sauna hats and who are thinking to be okay without them. But I guess once you start using them, just then you feel the difference of the quality of your sauna experience. And once you feel the difference, you want to keep it real. I hope this information helped you in answering some questions and keeping the sauna experience real!

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