Does Sauna Help to Ease Cold Symptoms?


Does sauna help to ease cold symptoms?

Each winter in the North when the weather goes so cold that the bugger in your nose freezes and each spring in the South when the temperature changes like the moods of a kid, people face a seasonal health problem – a cold. It is particularly annoying because then you feel neither dead, nor alive but hovering somewhere in between like a ghost with no capacity to take up the activities which you usually do or go out with friends or sometimes even to watch a movie under the blanket. A cold includes a runny nose, a cough, sneezing, sometimes a low-grade fewer and a sore throat. It’s no wonder that everyone is trying to find a way how to get rid of such a feeling or prevent it.  So my question of this article is: can sauna help to ease cold symptoms or even prevent a cold?

There are several opinions about this matter: some of the sources say that sauna does ease the symptoms of a cold and others disagree on that. However, from my own experience I can tell you that sauna do ease the symptoms of a cold. Moreover, doctors agree that sauna can work as a prevention of a cold. However, it shouldn’t be the only remedy to help us feel better.

My grandmother used to say that the only thing I need for recovering from some flew is to perspire as much as I can and do no matter what to make this sweat go out of me. Eventually I couldn’t even look at the tea and I wanted to ripe off me all the blankets and go to the balcony to cool myself down. But is it true that sweating in the sauna might help us to recover from the cold?

Can sauna help to ease cold symptoms?
Can sauna help to ease cold symptoms?

What are the opinions about sauna’s healing powers?

We all know from our basic understanding about viral infectious diseases that heat can help us to win the battle with a cold. Sometimes we use medicine but when we go to a doctor the main thing he tells us is that we need to take a lot of hot liquids such as hot tea or chicken soup. Sauna is a body’s treatment with heat as well.

However, the opinions collide whether sauna helps to recover from the cold. I will shortly present two positions on this matter.

The ones which are positive state that high temperature while being in a sauna helps to combat the virus and infrared saunas particularly make your general condition better: help you breath, relax and regain the energy. It is not particularly discerned that sauna helps sore throat, however, it is one of the symptoms of a cold. There are researchers who found out that sauna heat improves drainage and others speculate that high temperature weakens the viruses.

Sauna healing powers
Sauna healing powers

Taking this position, it is considered that infrared saunas are good for the organism while you are sick. It has several effects. Without the mentioned above, it increases blood flow and the immune cells can reach the infection faster, more oxygen can be delivered to the brain, it boosts the immune system, helps to release muscle tension.

This standpoint votes for natural healing methods without any medicine.

The other side states that rising your body temperature and sweating doesn’t help to get rid of the virus. It is written that there might be some minuscule amount of toxins which your body releases while you sweat. However, it does not mean that for this reason your body will be healthier or defeat the infection. You can read more about sauna and detoxification here.

 This side stands for the idea that the temperature isn’t the decisive factor in getting better and the most important thing is to rest and stay hydrated. Some other scientific research based on experiments has found that inhaling hot air while in a sauna does not have an impact on a common cold.

Can sauna be a prevention of a cold?

The word “prevention” reminds me of school. When we as pupils used to skip the classes and the school administration was trying to take “prevention”, that is how they called it. I didn’t like this word back then because it meant only troubles and less freedom which I didn’t have but really wanted to have. It is ironic that now I’m writing an article about prevention, just of a different kind.

I guess most of you like me when I was in school don’t like prevention a lot. Because when it is you who need to take the prevention, it requires efforts and planning. That means to be ready. To think in advance. To not let yourself relax and go with the flow. But hey hey hey, has anyone thought that there might exist a prevention which is fun?

So the positive guys tell us that sauna helps us to relax and retrieve our energy. And even if the cold is not scared of us feeling better, it must be true that even without the cold sauna has this effect. The better news are that sauna can prevent a cold. A research study was conducted and an experiment of six month was implemented with twenty five volunteers. Half of them were using sauna and the other half weren’t. In the end the first ones had fewer occurrences of the common cold.

After all maybe the word “prevention” isn’t so bad if you just need to go into sauna.

What are other ways to help sore throat?

So we have found out that sauna might give a relief while having a cold, however, not necessarily help us to cure it, and that it might prevent us from catching a cold, it includes a sore throat which is the result of the infection. But what are the widely acknowledged methods of getting rid of the sore throat, after all?

My good old grandmother used to tell me that I just need to drink lots of tea with honey and lemon and maybe a sip or two of strong vodka (especially with peppers) would make a miracle. But here you have some other less widely known ways how to sooth the pain of the throat:

  1. One way to help soar throat which I myself didn’t know about before is a marshmallow root infusions. Apparently it is used in this matter from Middle Ages and is nontoxic even at very high doses.
  2. If you are a fan of traditional medicine, you should try a sage-echinacea throat spray. It has been shown to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. You can make the spray all by yourself at home.
  3. Another natural remedy is gargling with salt water. No matter how unpleasant it might be, it helps to reduce swelling and kill the microbes.
  4. Ginger root tea is what I have almost forgotten. It is as much important in healing the throat as a good sleep is important when the world goes apart. It is found that ginger is very effective in getting rid of bacterial infections.
  5. And if you like some exotic products, try coconut oil. It is a good way to lubricate the mucus membranes in the throat and in this manner to sooth the throat. You can drink a spoonful alone or add to the tea or soup.

Peppermint, chamomile teas do as much good as other fluids. So if you sum up all these medications, a good rest and sauna, depending on which standpoint do you hold, eventually you will feel as newly born.


I have been quoting my grandma a lot. When I was a kid, we didn’t know such thing as internet. We had to trust the wisdom of our sages who usually were our grandmas and grandpas. A funny thing is that what I find now on the internet mostly is what my grandma used to tell me. So it goes that the whole internet is an extract from my grandmas’ wisdom. Maybe even science. It sounds like a joke but when you think of it, all depends on the standpoint. What you choose to believe.


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