10 best sauna suits for weight loss 2019

Best sauna suits for weight loss

Best sauna suits for weight loss

Have you been struggling to lose weight?  The moments of turning down all these delicious cakes, ice-cream and other sweet goodies does not bring the result you want?  You have tried many different exercise routines and still have no joy when seeing yourself at the mirror? Do you feel stuck? Me too. 

Shedding a few pounds looked not so hard at first. There are so many tips and tricks on the internet, diet and exercise plans and if followed precisely most of the time they bring results. Unfortunately, if you follow plans that are healthy, leaning comes slowly… I thought is there something to accelerate my weight loss journey? This is when I found out about the sauna suits. So, what are the best sauna suits for weight loss?

What can a sauna suit add to your weight loss routine?

A sauna suit is a piece of clothing made from waterproof fabric with a purpose to make the wearer sweat profusely.  This induced sweating improves your chances to lose weight in 4 ways.

Metabolism elevation

Working out in a sauna suit raises your body temperature. As the body tries to bring the temperature down it has to work harder. Therefore, more calories are burned compared to working out in normal circumstances. That is how wearing a sauna suit while working out correlates to the elevation of one’s metabolism.


The scientist claims that the human body gets rid of certain toxins with sweat. The sweating is an important part of our bodies detoxification system.  This implies that sauna suits by increasing one’s body temperature and the process of sweating assists in bodies’ detox processes. 

Immune system booster 

Sweat contains certain antimicrobial peptides. These antimicrobial peptides actively fight against bacteria, fungus, and viruses, breaking them down and making them harmless. A sauna suit makes the body sweat profusely and, as sweat is good for the immune system, boosts your resistance to illnesses. 

Antidote to water retention

Water retention is called the increased amounts of fluids building up inside the body. It can result in feeling bloated or with swollen feet and fingers. The sauna suit helps to reduce fluids amount in the body by inducing sweating and helps counter water retention.

To sum the benefits of the sauna suit, it’s main function to make you sweat comes with 4 benefits. Increased sweating aids boosting your immune system and elevating your metabolism as well as helps you detox and counter excessive water retention.  

Which sauna suit?

“Ok, you convinced me. I will buy a sauna suit.” – you say.  But when in the search of the perfect sauna suit, you are faced with such a variety that soon you feel like eating a bucket of chocolate ice-cream and giving up all your efforts in weight loss. I have been there, too. That is why I will compile a simple list of top 10 sauna suits with the humble knowledge I gained in my own endeavor to find the best sauna suit.

1. BRABIC Women’s full body sauna suit


  • Durable. The suit is made of neoprene. Neoprene is one of the best materials used for sauna suits and this is because of its ability to handle high-intensity exercises and temperatures without wearing out quickly.
  • Easy to wear. Adjustable straps zipper closure makes the suit easy for you to put on and put off. Also, the open-bust design gives you a chance to pear up this sauna suit with the bra of your liking.
  • Comes in two colors and a variety of sizes. This suit can be bought in pink and black. Also, the sizes of the suit vary from S to XXL.


  • Needs extra care. Washable by hand. The suit must be washed by hands in a cold water to maintain shape.
  • May cause allergy. The material neoprene causes allergic reaction for some people. https://amzn.to/2xrKfJq


2. Women Tank Top Sweat Vest


  • Durable. Made of neoprene.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This sauna suit can be ordered in sizes from S to XXXL. The colors it comes in are black, grey, leopard, pink and red.
  • Price friendly. The sauna suit cots less than 13 dollars.



  • A pullover. Not easy to put on and take off.
  • Just a top. Does not cover and shape your tights.
  • May cause allergy.



3. Moisturizing Conditioner & Pore Cleansing Therapeutic Jackets


  • Superior material. Made with Premium Cotton Blend outside & POLY-BIO-FLEX fabric inside.
  • Easy to wear. The suit is designed as a jacket.
  • Comes with a gift. Free e-book “The Secrets of Losing Weight & Gaining Health” with every order.
  • Come in big sizes. This suit comes in sizes from S to 5XL. SIZES: 
  • Machine washable. 


  • Only a top. Does not cover or shape tights.




4.  HOTSUIT Sauna Suit


  • Stylish design. This sauna suit includes a jacket and pants. Looks like a sports wear.
  • Allergy free material. Made of comfortable & durable and patented Nano-Silver 9000 Fabric.
  • Comfortable to wear. The suit jacket has a zipper and pockets.


  • Pricy. Price goes up to almost 100 dollars.
  • Needs extra care. Washable by hand.



5.  Ausom Womens Thermal Long Shirt


  • Easy to wear. A zip up jacket.
  • Long sleeved. This suit is perfect for colder weather.
  • Absorbs sweet. The outside of this thermal shirt always stays dry.


  • Only a top.
  • Only in black.



6. TAILONG Sauna Waist Trainer


  • Adjustable. Provides adjustable firm compression around your abdomen and stomach.
  • Supports lower-back. This waist trainer has spiral steel bones structure that helps support wearer’s lower back.
  • Comes in 2 colors, black and pink.
  • Durable. Made of neoprene.


  • Compresses your tummy. The high compression of the corset makes you feel squeezed.
  • Tends to a limited area. This sauna garment is only a corset.



7. Kutting Weight Sauna Suit for Women


  • Safe material. Made of newly improved SweatTech Neoprene boasting a higher level of flexibility and softer texture than regular neoprene.
  • Practical pocket on the back for keys.


  • Comes in only one color – purple.


8. Junlan Women Neoprene Workout Pants


  • High waisted. Covers not only legs, but also your belly.
  • Tight fitted. Easy to move in.


  • Limited coverage. If you want full body experience you may need to buy an additional top.
  • Washed by hands in cold water.



9.  HOTSUIT Sauna Weight Loss Pants for Women


  • High quality material. Made of the unique Sliver-heat REG V3.0 fabric.
  • Human-based design. These pants are designed according the natural shape of human body, that is why they are comfortable to wear and work out in.
  • Safe for night. There is reflective logo and stripes incorporated in the design.


  • Pricy. Cost reaches 50 dollars.
  • Limited coverage. Only pants, the top has to be bought separately.



10.  Belt Sauna Suit


  • Extremely price friendly. Costs about 5 dollars.
  • Unisex. Can be worn by men and women.
  • Stays in place. There is a non-slip grid interior surface.


  • Extremely low coverage. It only covers a waist.
  • Only in black.




As you can see from my little analysis the sauna suits vary in designs, sizes, colors, prices and material used. Although all the sauna suits, I review, has one main goal to induce excessive sweating, how they do it differs.  To choose from such a variety one should consider her specific goals and financial situation. The one I choose from my research is number 3 “Moisturizing Conditioner & Pore Cleansing Therapeutic Jacket”. It’s properties such as machine washable and easy to wear was especially attractive to me as I have little time to spare in preparation for my work-outs. Furthermore, a big plus for this model is its’ unique material mix.


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