About me

My name is Dora and if you read this blog, you might know that I am a sauna fan.

I started going to sauna when I was a kid with my parents and I think it left me some of the best memories of the time I had with my family. Because that is what you do: gather with your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, you have a big house where you sit at the table drinking, eating, talking, and also you go to a sauna which brings to all of you a lot of laughter and let you spend some quality time together.

When I was a teenager, I slowed down the pace and didn’t go to sauna so often. Then I started caring more about other things than the time with my family. But in my adulthood I remembered this experience again and went on with my friends, joined the family gatherings once more.

Another thing which I like about sauna, apart from rejoining people, is its health aspects. Sauna helped me to lose a bit of weight, to ease the cold, to feel more fresh and have more energy after. I started reading about different kinds of saunas and found out about Finnish and Russian saunas, tried them both and wanted more. 

Most of my life I lived in a country quite in the North so the winters and even summers used to be cold there. And there is a tradition in my homeland that when you go out from the sauna, you dive into the snow instead of a pool. I found it fascinating and it is one more thing I like about saunas which turned out to be even more exciting in the place I live. 

And inside of it I always have this sensation of a deep relaxation, when the heat relaxes my muscles, when I slowly breath in and breath out and the body releases all the toxins. Even a better feeling is to feel cold water after and it seems as if the water washes off all your worries and problems. That is what the effect of sauna is on me. Imagine you spend five days a week in the office, all in stress because of the deadlines and the vast of work you need to do, so the only thing you crave for at the end of the day is some good nice relaxation.

This blog will give you answers to many questions I asked myself when I started going to sauna as a serious sauna bather. It is funny but I wanted to do it professionally, to make the best out of it. And with this thought I realized that there is much more to know about it than just how to go in and how to go out. Here I share all my experience and knowledge I have gathered to improve your time in sauna as I did improve my time.

Hopefully, this blog will be of some use for you. Enjoy!